Alex Rudolph, Professor of Astronomy CSU Pomona, described nucleosynthesis and astronomy with the flying observatory SOFIA during the department's March 4 colloquium.


Alex's talk addressed one of the most fundamental questions: Where did the elements come from?  His presentation included his own research conducted with undergraduates on measurements of elemental abundances in our own Milky Way galaxy based on their infrared and radio astronomy observations with SOFIA.

The 747 video below is from the NASA SOFIA photo collection and demonstrates the airborne observatory's new 2.5-meter infrared telescope peaking out from it's gyroscopically stabilized open-air perch in flight!  


Alex is also renowned for his research in astronomy education and is director of the NSF-sponsored CAMPARE program at Cal Poly Pomona that provides research opportunities for CPP students at the University of Arizona's Steward Observatory.