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Dave Bowman, Geology, and Greg Childers updated the college on the aftermath of the Sendai earthquake and tsunami and the resulting forced closure of area nuclear facilities.

This week's department colloquium featured the gravitational physics of Andy Lundgren from Penn State, who described the evolving evidence since the Big Bang for dark matter in describing what we don't see in our universe.

Alex Rudolph, Professor of Astronomy CSU Pomona, described nucleosynthesis and astronomy with the flying observatory SOFIA during the department's March 4 colloquium.

Former graduate student Colin Campbell and Ionel Tifrea have had their Budapest Conference contribution from summer 2010 accepted for publication in the conference proceedings.

Professors Yasuyuki Ozeki and Takaharu Nagatomi landed March 8 at CSUF to collaborate with physics professors Ionel Tifrea and Greg Childers.