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The department hosts its holiday potluck and open house Friday afternoon Dec 9 just before finals week.

James Sullivan from the Australian National University visits Morty Khakoo and Leigh Hargreaves' group and presents recent studies at ANU on collision-reaction physics with positrons.

Marica ended her month-long visit to CSUF and the department's gravitational-wave center GWPAC with an overview of her work with masters student Chris Griffo and collaboration with GWPAC director Josh Smith.

Some 25 middle school kids and their families attended a math and science open house with physics demonstrations highlighted by volunteers Morty Khakoo and Shovit Bhari.

Dr. Marica Branchesi, an astronomer from the University of Ubrino, Italy, visits the physics department and the new CSUF center GWPAC from October 24 through November 20, 2011.