PIRA: 1J11.50


A double cone appears to ascend an inclined plane, defying the laws of physics. Closer inspection shows that the center of mass lowers as the double cone advances up the plane.


Double cone demo


Double cone demo 2


Equipment List

Box 1J11.50 (duplicate apparatus available)

  • Double cone
  • Inclined plane (V shaped track)
  • Cylinder

Set-up Instructions

Set-up time: <1min

Time to do demos: ~1min

Demonstration instructions

  • Place the inclined plane on a reasonably level surface.
  • Place the cylinder on the high side of the inclined plane and watch it descend.
  • Place the double cone on the low side of the inclined plane and watch it ascend.

Updated By: Shovit Bhari 09/26/2011