PIRA: 5A10.10

Summary of the Demo

Electrons are added or removed while rubbing different rods (glass, acrylic, plastic, PVC or nylon) with materials such as wool, rabbit's fur and polyester. Rods gets postively or negatively charged depending on how much electron rods gains or loses. When a charged rod is brought near a electroscope leaves of electroscope will repel each other because they acquire same charge.  

Equipment List

  • Electroscope
  • Rabbit's Fur
  • Wool
  • Different types of friction rods

Set-up Instructions


Demonstration instructions

  • Verify that electroscope leaf is working.
  • Pick any rod and rub it against rabbit's fur.
  • Bring the rod close to the electroscope but do not touch the electroscope.
  • Repeat the Procedures with diffrent rods and different materials.
  • Discharge the electroscope by touching the the metal tip and the metal housing with your hand