PIRA: 1C30.35

Summary of the Demo

An acrylic Pickett Fence is dropped, displacement and velocity is recorded by the the photogate. Using the Velocity vs. Time graph acceleration due to gravity can be calculated. 

Equipment List

  • Vernier Photogate                                     
  • Computer equipped with Lab Pro
  • Lab Pro Interface
  • Stand
  • Clamp

Set-up Instructions

  • Attach a photgate to lab pro box and open a logger pro software.
  • Open the file Pickett Fence(File\Open\Physics Experiment\Pickett Fence Free Fall.cmbl)
  • Click collect when you are ready to drop a pickett fence. 

Set-up time:~2min

Time to do demos: ~1min

Demonstration instructions

  • Have a cushioned box or sponge right below the photogate so that the pickett does not break when it lands on the surface of the table or the ground. 
  • Hit collect on the Logger Pro program
  • Release the pickett fence and logger pro collect the data.