PIRA: 2B30.70


  • atmosphere gun apparatus
  • heavy aluminum foil rounds
  • wooden dowel
  • target (cardboard box)
  • 2 aluminum rods
  • 2 telescope clamps
  • 2 three-finger clamps
  • vacuum pump


  1.  Put a ping pong ball into the tube at the end with the vacuum hose attachment.
  2. Cover each end with a sheet of mylar and push the caps over each end.
  3. Set the cardboard box target with open side facing gun and a sheet of cardboard hanging over front of boxes – place box 2m from end of the tube. Align gun with the center of the target.
  4.  Start the vacuum pump and let it run 2-3 minutes. Warn students to plug their ears, then puncture mylar on ping pong end