PIRA: 7A10.00

Lab Equipment

  • Special black covered UV lamp
  • Electroscope
  • Zinc plate
  • Steel Wool (fine)
  • Special UV blocking plastic
  • Lucite and PVC rod
  • paper towel


  1. Clean the zince plate very well with steel wool. Then put the plate into the top of the electroscope as shown. 
  2. Place the electroscope in front of the UV lamp.
  3. Rub the PVC rod with the paper towel and charge electroscope by touching the rod to the plate.
  4. Depress the switch on the UV lamp. The electroscope will discharge. 
  5. Repeat with the lucite end of the rod (positive charge). You see no discharge
  6. Blocking plastic can be placed between the elctroscope and the light ot block the UV. There will be no discharge with either charge on it.