PIRA: 6A60.20


Lab Equipment  Directions
  1. Electro-Optics laser and power supply (match laser color and number)
  2. Kit containing: beam splitter and holder, double concave lens, double convex lens, mirror, small tank
  3. support bar
  4. three finger clamp
  5. water with creamer solution
  6. lab stand
  1.  Attach laser to lab pole using the clamp. Plug the laser into the exciter.
  2. From the kit, remove the tank, 2 lenses, beam splitter and holder and circular scale. Set the support bar on top of the kit box and arrange the tank and other items as shown.
  3. Fill the tank with creamer solution (very dilute-this can be poured into a beaker for transporting). Line the laser up and angle the beam splitter so that you can see 5 or 6 rays through the tan.
  4. Insert each lens between beam splittler and tank to create desired effect.