PIRA: 6C10.10


Lab Equipment  Directions
  1.  Spectra Physics 248 high-powered laser and power supply strapped to white board with magnet strip and lab jack
  2. 2 magnetic carriages
  3. single and double-slit slides (optics kit)
  4. wire and hair taped to magnetic carriage
  5. magnetic base adjustable single slit
  6. paper screen
place optics kit on the cart so that slides can be put back into the proper slits in the same box they were taken from
  1.  Set the laser and support in front of the elevated screen as shown.
  2. Put the single slit slide on the magnetic carriage. Adjust the slide position to allow laser to shine through the slit and onto the screen. When alignment is complete to show the pattern well or the screen, remove the screen so that the pattern can be seen on a wall.
  3. Substitute the double slit for comparison. The adjustable slit can also be shown.
  4. Substitute the wire and hair carriage to show the diffraction pattern around the hair strand or wire.