PIRA: 6H20.103


 Lab Equipment  Directions
  1.  Acrylic block
  2. marked foam board
  3. 2 binder clips
  4. transparency for OHP
  5. lab jack
  6. small lab stand and 3 finger clamp
  7. green laser pointer with sleeve
  8. small screen
  1.  Clip the foam board and prism onto the lab jack and set the screen at the end as shown.
  2. Place the lab stand with laser pointer so that its beam hits right side of the prism, resulting in reflected and refracted dots on screen. Carefully adjust lab stand location so that beam follows line on back right of foam board. Slowly rotate laser in sleeve until reflected dot nearly disappears. This line represents Brewster’s Angle, the angle of incidence at which the reflected beam is entirely polarized.
  3. Try the laser at other angles to show that the reflected beam does not disappear.