PIRA: 6F10.55


Lab Equipment  Directions
  1.  Glass blower’s glasses
  2. file folder with slit
  3. 4″ x 4″ holographic grating in frame with stopper for support
  4. small piece fluorescent pink plastic
  5. overhead projector
  1.  Lay the folder onto the overhead with the slit near the middle and focus the slit on the screen.
  2. Place the star grating over the top/front lens of the overhead projector as shown.
  3. You will see a continuous spectrum.
  4. Lay one side of the glasses across the slit as shown. Notice that the glasses absorb the yellow  band, resulting in a dark line at that position in the spectrum. (Didymium glass absorbs the sodium spectra).
  5. Repeat with the piece of plastic in place of glasses.