PIRA: 6F40.00



Lab Equipment  Directions
  1.  1000ml beaker
  2. photo fixer solution – 6g per 800mL water
  3. bottle of 6M sulfuric acide (caution)
  4. overhead mask (file folder) with cut outs
  5. eye dropper
  6. stirring rod
  7. large polarizer
  8. overhead projector
approximately 4 min demo at 72 degrees
  1.  Place the mask and cut outs on the overhead.
  2. Pour the photo fixer into the beaker and place the beaker over the hole in the mask.
  3. Fill the eye dropper (~3ml) with acid and acid drop by drop while stirring. ‘Watch the sun go down’
  4. Use polarizer to show scattered light is polarized.