PIRA: 7D30.60


 Lab Equipment  Directions
  1.  Cloud chamber apparatus
  2. Funnel and squirt bottle
  3. Ethanol 90% (1 liter)
  4. anti-fog solution and cloth
  5. black elastic ‘skirt’
  6. Big Foot door stops
  7. 35mm projector
  8. telescope book (for height adjustment)
  9. gamma source kit (optional)
  10. dry ice – to make, need: carbon dioxide tank, dry ice machine
  1.  Rub all inside surfaces of chamber and lid with anti-fog solution.
  2. Place black ‘skirt’ around lower outside perimeter of base. Remove top chamber and cover base with chunks of dry ice.
  3. Set chamber on top of dry ice and use door stops as shims to make chamber level.
  4. Soak all felt pads inside chamber with alcohol and pour remaining alcohol and pour remaining alcohol into chamber.
  5. Align projector so that light shines just across alcohol surface.
  6. As apparatus cools down you should see tracks of environmental radioactivity or a gamma disk can be placed on shelf in chamber.