PIRA: 7A10.90


 Lab Equipment  Directions
  1.  Fuel cell
  2. Deionized water
  3. Blue lamp
Remove top cylinders. Fill lower cylinders with DI water to just below upper hoses. Close clamps on lower fuel cell hoses. With fingers, pinch hose leading from fuel cell into lower cylinder as you fill each side completely with water. Replace upper cylinders (some water will overflow).
Practice is strongly recommended.
  1.  There should be no large air bubbles in tanks or hoses between cylinders and solar cell.
  2. Illuminate solar cell, allowing the solar cell to electrolyze water until at least 1.5 cm of O2 has built up (20-30 minutes).
  3. Open a hose clamp until gas pushes all water out of upper hose and into fuel cell. Repeat for other side. (Hose may need to be bled to start process-careful not to lose gas).
  4. The fan should begin to turn as the fuel cell recombines the gases, releasing energy.