PIRA: 7A50.30


 Lab Equipment  Directions
  1.  Pasco mechanical vibrator
  2. strobe light
  3. Pasco function generator
  4. Plexiglas circular tray
  5. Hoop with 3 wires and banana plug
  6. Soap bubble solution
  7. 2 BB leads
  8. lab stand
  9. 90 degree clamp
  10. short metal rod
  1.  Set up apparatus as shown.
  2. Pour soup solution into tray. Lower rod and vibrator until the hoop is in the soap solution.
  3. Raise rod back up and make sure there is a soap bubble across hoop. With amplitude set to low, turn on the function generator.
  4. Vary the frequency and look for a standing wave to develop across the bubble. Set the strobe to match the frequency to make the pattern appear to stand still.
Note – use only for small groups