Leigh Hargreaves becomes the department's 12th faculty member as the CSUF Physics grows to record levels!

Leigh joins the department's AMO group, which includes Morty Khakoo, Greg Childers, and Jim Feagin. With his CSUF startup funds and a significant instrumentation gift from his home university Flinders in Adelaide, Leigh will begin building his laboratory for the advanced imaging of electron-initiated molecular-dissociation reactions. 

Leigh received his PhD at Flinders in 2008 in electron-molecule collisions with Michael Brunger, and later collaborated with Birgit Lohmann at Adelaide University, currently serving as Deputy Vice Chancellor of University of the Sunshine Coast, and then with Steve Buckman in his positron group at the Australian National University. Leigh's work at Flinders focused on molecules of technological relevance, research he will pursue further here at CSUF as part of his ongoing collaborations with Vince McCoy and coworkers at Caltech.

Leigh has worked as a visiting professor in Morty's lab for the past three years, and they have published numerous articles with several CSUF students and a variety of collaborators, as well as presented several invited talks on their workLeigh has also been teaching part time in the department the past three years covering a wide selection of courses throughout our curriculum, including a new and very popular LabVIEW course. Leigh is one of our most sought-after instructors. 

On the side, Leigh collaborates with partner and wife Sarah John, using computer simulations to study the links between voting systems and the electoral outcomes they produce in legislative elections (done in LabVIEW, of course!)

Welcome aboard Leigh!