Senior Casey Sanchez is currently double majoring in physics and math and has had a couple of extraordinary summer internships.

caseyMITIn 2009, Casey spent the summer in Madison, WI working at the Synchrotron Radiation Center on an REU internship involving materials science and semimetals, research which was published in Applied Physics Letters. Casey presented his work at an international symposium at Ga Tech in June 2010. Physics majors Jackie Lee and Cinthia Padilla attended the symposium with Casey with support from CSUF.

Casey spent the rest of the summer 2010 at MIT working in their Materials Processing Center on a new REU internship with Professor Christopher Schuh involving the processing of nanocrystalline materials.

Casey is a McNair Scholar looking to attend graduate school in the fall, his undergraduate studies have also been recognized by the Sally Casanova Pre-Doctoral Program as well as LSAMP. Casey received the department's Outstanding Service Award last year as well as the Titan Shops Textbook Scholarship. Casey has received the Dan Black Scholarship for the past two years.

For the past two years here at home, Casey has been conducting independent study with Professor Loverude on projects connected with Mike's physics education research developing student surveys and class tasks to probe student conceptual understanding as well as resources for instructors.


Casey has served as a supplemental-instruction (SI) tutor for the math department, and is currently helping the physics department launch our own SI program for our life-science introductory physics courses. Casey also tutors math and physics students.

Casey is an active member of the physics club and enjoys mentoring his student colleagues in physics and math and is always ready and willing to help someone apply for a scholarship and plan for the future.