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Gina Passante

About me

I joined the Physics Department at CSUF in 2015 after a post-doc at the University of Washington with the Physics Education Group. I'm originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) and did my BSc in Physics at the local University of Winnipeg.  I was then awarded a Commonwealth scholarship to study Part III Maths at the University of Cambridge.  (This is Part III of the Mathematics Tripos.  It is roughly equivalent to a course-based masters program in North America.)  I then traveled back to Canada and did my PhD at the University of Waterloo studying quantum computing.  

Sometime during my PhD I learned that there were researchers in Physics Departments studying how people learn physics.  After reading a little bit about the field I was hooked!  It was then that I decided to transition to Physics Education Research for my postdoc.  After completing my graduate degree I moved to the University of Washington to work with (and learn from) the Physics Education Group.  Fortunately I was able to put my knowledge of quantum systems to good use as I worked to help develop Tutorials for quantum mechanics.  Please see my Research Interests to learn more about this work and what I am currently working on!