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The Gravitational-Wave Physics and Astronomy Center at CSUF, which opened in September 2012, has kicked off its first summer of research with a grand total of 22 students, faculty, and staff. The center brings together three gravitational-wave research groups led by Jocelyn Read, Geoffrey Lovelace, and Josh Smith, focusing on neutron-star astrophysics, numerical-relativity simulations, and LIGO detector characterization, respectively. Along with their research project work, the center members meet as a group for two hours each week. We're starting the summer with a three-week "crash course" on the fundamentals of gravitational-wave science, and will then transition to more detailed research reports from GWPAC members.


The 2013 GWPAC summer group members are:

Read group:

Jocelyn Read - CSUF Faculty

April Hankins - CSUF Master's Student

Veronica Lockett-Ruiz - CSUF Master's Student (Co-with Smith group)

Ivan Ozaeta - CSUF Master's Student

Eric Flynn - CSUF Undergraduate

Susan Vong - STEM^2 Student and Undergraduate at Citrus College

Brendan Green - Troy High School Student

Lovelace group:

Geoffrey Lovelace - CSUF Faculty

Evan Foley - CSUF Master's Student

Ivan Blanco - STEM^2 Student and Undergraduate at Santiago Canyon College

Haroon Khan - STEM^2 Student and Undergraduate at Santiago Canyon College

Nicholas Trank - Troy High School Student

Smith group: 

Josh Smith - CSUF Faculty

Joseph Areeda - CSUF Staff

Gabriel Islas - CSUF Master's Student

Fabian MagaƱa-Sandoval - CSUF Master's Student

Cinthia Padilla - CSUF Graduate

Gabriela Serna - CSUF Graduate

Adrian Avila-Alvarez - CSUF Undergraduate

Erik Muniz - STEM^2 Student and Undergraduate at Cypress College

Matthew Russell - STEM^2 Student and Undergraduate at Santiago Canyon College