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Haroon-MaSHER-3DBased on his hypothetical Mars mission proposal "The Mars Subterranean Hydrothermal Exploration Rover - MaSHER," GWPAC researcher and Santiago Canyon College undergraduate Haroon Khan has been selected to visit the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory February 26-28th as part of the National Community College Aerospace Scholars (NCAS) program.

Haroon joined GWPAC in 2013 as a STEM^2 summer undergraduate researcher, studying, with Prof Geoffrey Lovelace, the mergers of binary-black-hole systems using computer simulations on the ORCA cluster.

Haroon's proposed mission involves landing the MaSHER rover in Mars' Valles Marineris canyon with the main goal of finding underground sources of water, gas, and/or other potential life sustaining materials. Another objective of the mission is to test the effectiveness of harnessing wind on Mars as an energy source, using WindBelt technology. His proposal also included a 3-D design, launch and travel timeline, and approximate weight and cost. Haroon's mission proposal received a grade of 97/100, leading to his selection for the on-site portion of the program.  

A poster summarizing Haroon's program is available.

Please help us in congratulating Haroon for this amazing accomplishment - and wish him best of luck for the next phase!