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The 2014 SACNAS national conference was held in the LA Convention Center (right next to the Staples Center) in Downtown LA from October 16 to 18. The CSUF department of physics and college of natural science and mathematics were well represented. The Gravitational-Wave Physics and Astronomy Center (GWPAC) sent a strong contingent, with students Adrian Avila-Alvarez, Daniel Vander-Hyde, Joshua Hacker, and Erik Muniz and professors Jocelyn Read and Josh Smith in attendance.

Jocelyn Read presents a talk on neutron star astrophysics at SACNAS 2014.Jocelyn Read presents a talk on neutron star astrophysics at SACNAS 2014.

Daniel Vander-Hyde presented a poster entitled "A comparison of optical scatter from coated and uncoated optics for quantum noise filter cavities," work that relates to implementing squeezed light in the LIGO detectors and will soon be submitted for publication. 

Josh Hacker presents a poster on his LIGO-related optics research. Josh Hacker presented in the graduate students section the poster "An imaging scatterometer for characterizing surface and bulk scatter." At CSUF, Josh continues to upgrade and document the imaging scatterometer. 

Josh Smith organized and chaired a Scientific Symposium session, "Seeing and Hearing the Violent Universe with Gravitational Waves and Light" featuring an invited presentation by Jocelyn Read, entitled "Neutron stars and gravitational waves," along with talks by Caltech's Nicholas Smith and Larry Price. The session was attended by 40-50 scientists, mostly students, and ended with a lively Q&A session between the audience and a panel of the three speakers and student representative Daniel Vander-Hyde.  

Daniel Vander-HydeGeoffrey Lovelace and his GWPAC students did not attend SACNAS 2014, as they were busy assembling the greatly upgraded ORCA computing cluster in the CSUF data center. 

GWPAC members are eagerly awaiting SACNAS 2015 in Washington DC!