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Cal State Long Beach Associate Professor and GWPAC Visiting Member Prashanth Jaikumar has been awarded funding by the National Science Foundation's Nuclear Theory and Astrophysics program for the project "RUI: Probing Quark Matter through Compact Star Oscillations." The project aims to improve the odds of detecting the gravitational waves from neutron stars by constructing accurate mathematical models of neutron stars and the signals they emit. Prashanth and his students will calculate the oscillation modes of compact stars made in part or entirely of strange quark matter and work to identify trends in the mode spectrum that can be used as gravitational wave fingerprints of the inner structure of neutron stars.

This research has strong overlap with existing GWPAC projects including binary neutron star and neutron star black hole waveform modeling and numerical relativity. "I hope to strengthen my ties with GWPAC through this grant and the student research it will support." says Prashanth. 

Congratulations Prashanth, we look forward to working with you on neutron/quark star research!