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2016 was a year to remember for GWPAC at the SANCAS meeting with group members from past and present in attendance.

2016 sacnas dinner

Participating in the meeting from Cal State Fullerton and GWPAC were undergraduates Michelle Aleman, Jeff Bidler, Isa Patane, and Juan Rocha, MS student Adrian Avila-Alvarez, and professors Geoffrey Lovelace and Josh Smith; From our partner, Syracuse University, former CSUF GWPAC members and now Syracuse PhD students Fabian Magaña-Sandoval, Gaby Serna and Daniel Vander-Hyde attended; LSC Spokesperson Gabriela Gonzalez, who helped open GWPAC in 2012 was a keynote speaker; Our friends from LIGO Hanford, Gerardo Moreno and Corey Gray, attended with the LIGO booth as did CSUF physics colleague Professor Gina Passante, physics education researcher and member of the Catalyst Center. 

2016 sacnas geoffrey

Many of our attendees also presented their research in talks and posters. Prof Smith chaired a scientific session called "Gravitational Waves: Opening a New Window on the Universe" and Prof Lovelace gave a presentation in the session about black hole mergers. Prof Passante presented her work in a Scientific Symposium talk entitled, "Using research to improve the teaching and learning of quantum mechanics." Adrian Avila-Alvarez presented a poster on "Assessing whether point-like optical scattering in LIGO optics are related to the annealing process" and Juan Rocha presented a poster on "Assessing the scattered light of crystalline-coated optics for future gravitational-wave detectors." Fabian Magaña-Sandoval presented a talk on part of his thesis work at Syracuse, "Adaptive mode matching upgrade for use of squeezed light in LIGO." During the dinner on Saturday all LIGO scientists in attendance, including many GWPAC members, were invited to the stage to be recognized for the first direct detection of gravitational waves in 2015. Gabriela Gonzalez then gave a scientifically and personally inspiring keynote about the gravitational-wave discoveries and her journey from being a young student in Argentina to becoming the spokesperson of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration. 

We look forward to SACNAS 2017!