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Joseph Areeda joins the CSUF gravitational-wave group as a staff programmer. Joe brings to our group over thirty years of software development experience. This includes owning and operating his own consulting and software development company, two decades of software development and system administration at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, and leading a software project to develop a successful nuclear medicine acquisition and processing system. At Fullerton he will develop software for LIGO data handling and infrastructure, starting with the LIGO data viewer, ligoDV. For more information, see this story.

Senior undergraduate Evan Foley joins the CSUF gravitational-wave group to start a project on software development for the LIGO data viewer, ligoDV.

Undergraduate Cinthia Padilla attends the 2012 Western Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics at Stanford University, see here, and presents a poster on her research entitled "Measuring Light Scatter for Advanced LIGO Optics". For more information, see this story

The NSF award has awarded a total of $9M over 5 years to the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee for "Data Handling and Infrastructure for Advanced LIGO and Beyond". This includes a budgeted $675,000 for the CSUF gravitational-wave group and Smith to hire a programmer to develop software for LIGO data handling and infrastructure. More information on this award can be found on the NSF website.

Undergraduate students Gabriela Serna, Fabian Magaña-Sandoval and Cinthia Padilla attended the 2011 SACNAS National Conference in San Jose, CA. Cinthia presented a poster on "Electromagnetic Follow up of Gravitational-wave Signals", Fabian a poster on "Measuring Light Scatter for Future LIGO Optics" and Gaby a poster on "Instructional Reformation to Increase Knowledge Gained in Introductory Astronomy". Josh Smith also attended the conference and helped staff the LIGO booth. For more information, see this highlight.

Italian astronomer Marica Branchesi is the first official visitor to the CSUF gravitational-wave center! Marica visited for one month to collaborrate with Smith and Griffo on astronomical image analysis as a followup to test gravitational-wave triggers. She summarized her/our research in an excellent colloquium, more details in this highlight.

Smith has been funded to establish a new Gravitational-Wave Physics and Astronomy Center by the University's Center and Institute Planning and Expansion Program, see the physics homepage.

Undergraduates Bobby Wright, Fabian Magaña-Sandoval, and Cinthia Padilla presented results of their summer gravitational-wave research at the department colloquium, see this article.