Dan Black scholar and physics major Jason Kiefer has been growing his business RealTimeOrdering since graduating in 2008.

left to right: John Kuper, Doug Prather, Jason, Rudy HernandezRealTimeOrdering evolved out of GimmeGrub, a company Jason started as a Dan Black student in 2006.

Jason's ambition has been to bring technology to the food industry and provide software and online presence for restaurants seeking backend solutions for online customer ordering.

This past December, a competitor made Jason a hugely tempting bid to buy RealTimeOrdering, but Jason believes he can continue to grow the company significantly over the next few years and turned the offer down.

RealTimeOrdering currently has nine employees including former physics Dan Black scholar Doug Prather (class of 2010), and current Dan Black interns Rudy Hernandez (class of 2011), and John Kuper (class of 2014).

Jason is looking to hire more full time employees this year and can often be found late afternoons talking shop at TAPS in Brea.