Students from the Smith and the Khakoo-Hargreaves labs kick off the fall 2011 semester and describe their summer research in a series of short talks for our August 26 colloquium.

Leigh Hargreaves, master of ceremonyLeigh Hargreaves, master of ceremony


Visiting Austrailian NSF scholar Leigh Hargreaves served as master of ceremony and session chair to introduce the students and the labs they work in.

Leigh and Josh Smith mentored these students throughout the summer and especially in helping them prepare their talks.




In order of presentation, the speakers and their talk titles:

Amos JoAmos Jo

Alex GaufAlex Gauf


Amos Jo and Alex Gauf, Low-energy electron scattering from simple biomolecules




Gabriela SernaGabriela Serna


Gabriela Serna, Electronic excitation of water by low-energy electrons









Cinthia PadillaCinthia Padilla 

Cinthia Padilla, Identifying electromagnetic transients using image subtraction






Fabian Magana-SandovalFabian Magana-Sandoval 

Fabian Magana-Sandoval, Measuring scattered light from optics for third generation LIGO








Bobby WrightBobby Wright Robert WrightLocking a Michelson Interferometer Using a Feedback Control Servo