Morty Khakoo and Leigh Hargreaves and their student research-group members Alex, Kevin, and Gabi attend the 64th Gaseous Electronics Conference (GEC) in Salt Lake City Nov 14-18.

Kevin, Gabi, Morty center-right, Leigh far right, and friendsKevin, Gabi, Morty center-right, Leigh far right, and friendsMorty was an invited speaker at the conference giving an overview of the group's recent work in studying electron collisions with biologically relevant molecules. The GEC meeting is primarily concerned both the applied and fundamental aspects of plasma science. With recent technological developments regarding medical applications of plasmas, Morty's research attracted much interest at the meeting.

Kevin Ralphs gave a contributed talk on the group's recent developments in electronic excitation of water, and Alex Gauf a contributed talk on their elastic scattering results from tetrahydrofuran (THF). Gabriela Serna presented a poster on vibrational excitation of furan molecules by low energy electrons.

Gabi at her posterGabi at her posterLeigh Hargreaves gave two talks on electron scattering from furan and isopropyl alcohol.

Water is the most prominent constituent of living systems, while THF and furan molecules form the basic building blocks for the 'backbone' of the DNA double helix structure. The data presented by the Kevin, Alex, and Gabi at the meeting has significant implications for nano-dosimetry modelling efforts, which try to simulate damage caused to living tissue by radiation and are critical in understanding dose-effect relationships in some cancer therapies. Such modelling, incorporating the data presented by the group, is currently being undertaken by overseas collaborators, who also attended the meeting.

Alex concluding his talkAlex concluding his talkOverall this was a excellent event for Morty's group. Everyone is looking forward to the upcoming GEC in Austin, Texas, in 12 months time.