Physics students Fabian Magana-Sandoval, Thomas Abbott and Chris Griffo and faculty members Jocelyn Read and Josh Smith attended the 2012 meeting of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration and Virgo Collaboration at MIT in Cambridge 19-23 March.

Thomas, Jocelyn, Fabian (middle row) having fun with a concave mirror at MITThomas, Jocelyn, Fabian (middle row) having fun with a concave mirror at MITFabian presented an update to the optics working group on scatter measurements at Fullerton.

Thomas presented an update to the detector characterization group on early Advanced LIGO.

Chris presented an update to the burst working group on analysis of images from the Quest telescope.

Josh presented a plenary update on detector characterization activities in LIGO.

Jocelyn presented her application to the LIGO Scientific Collaboration as a new senior member. She was voted in by the LSC council during the meeting.

The meeting was held at the Royal Sonesta Hotel on the Charles in Cambridge. The Wisconsin men's basketball team was staying at the same hotel. Josh has been tempted to trip up the players or slip something in their food, but instead he simply cheered on the Syracuse Orange for their sweet 16 game.