The 2012 SACNAS National Conference took place in Seattle Oct 10-13 with the theme "Science, Technology, and Diversity for a Healthy World."

Cinthia and Gaby with Gabriela Gonzalez, the LIGO Collaboration spokespersonPhysics majors Cinthia Padilla, Gabriela Serna, and Fabian MagaƱa-Sandoval attended the event along with Professor Josh Smith, director of our gravitional-wave center GWPAC. CSUF LSAMP program director Christina Goode and program coordinator Julianne Stern attended as well.

Cinthia presented a poster describing her research with Josh on measuring laser light scattering from an Advanced LIGO viewport. Gaby presented a poster describing her research with Catalyst Center director Mike Loverude involving student learning in introductory astronomy courses here at CSUF. Fabian presented a poster describing his research with Josh on measuring scattered light for LIGO optics.

Josh gave an invited talk on LIGO interferometry and noise as part of a symposium on distortions in space-time. 

There was a large LIGO contingent at the meeting. In the home-page photo the people in front of the LIGO booth are left to right Corey Gray (LIGO Hanford), Fabian, Cinthia, Josh, Gabriela, Fred Raab (LIGO Hanford), Gabriela Gonzalez (LSU), Mike Landry (LIGO Hanford), and Gerardo Moreno (LIGO Hanford).

Fabian presenting

The CSUF group felt it was a fantastic conference. The poster sessions were very well attended. Fabian, Gaby, and Cinthia also took the opportunity to meet with graduate school representatives and graduate students to help envision their next steps. The LIGO booth had steady traffic and the gravitational wave symposium was well attended.