Physics major Cinthia Padilla and department staff physicist Shovit Bhari participated March 22 in a workshop at Cypress Community College entitled Women in STEM.

The workshop was held to support women in STEM and provide them with a better understanding of what a four year university would be like as well as a career in the STEM fields. Cinthia and Shovit represented CSUF physics on a panel that discussed the importance of study habits and time management and becoming involved in science clubs. They then provided an hour's worth of physics demos to wow the crowd and foster a liking for physics.

As a peer mentor, Cinthia visits Citrus College once a week to talk to students who have made appointments with her. The meetings are for advice and sharing Cinthia's past experiences. Cinthia is also assigned about six transfer students here at CSUF who she meets with regularly to make sure that they are adjusting and remain aware of campus resources.

Thank you Cinthia and Shovit for your ongoing outreach efforts and awesome department service!Shovit demos LN2 while Cinthia explains far right