As NSM-ICC President and graduating senior, Bobby helped bring Bill Nye to campus as the keynote speaker to end our two-day Science and Math Symposium Thursday March 20.

Bobby at the ICC symposium (photo courtesy of the OC Register)President Garcia wrote the following in her April GarcíaGram:

“How many universities can boast of a high-impact educational event that had more than 1,500 faculty, staff, and students chanting, cheering, and stomping in the name of science? Such was the case when Bill Nye “The Science Guy” took the stage at the Titan Student Union Pavilions on March 20 and I was fortunate to be a part of it—especially since the event sold-out in less than two hours! Presented by the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics’ (NSM) Inter-Club Council, this student-organized event was part of the 11th Annual Science and Math Symposium and was the culmination of two days of presentations centered around another leading HIP: student research. I am proud of the NSM-Inter Club Council students who dared to “reach higher” in their quest to bring Bill to campus and applaud the faculty, staff, and student groups who supported them in achieving that dream."

Read the OC Register article highlighting Bobby's efforts across campus to organize the event and secure Nye.