Leigh Hargreaves and Morty Khakoo take Bobby to Hawaii and sponsor Jessica to Nebraska, while GWPAC director Josh Smith takes Erik and Adrian to Washington DC.

Leigh, Morty, Bobby on their way to Bobby's talkGraduate student Bobby Wright, together with Leigh and Morty, attended the 68th Gaseous Electronics Conference (GEC), held in Honolulu, Hawaii. Bobby’s talk was entitled Coherence parameter measurements for neon and hydrogen, and highlighted recent results from Prof. Khakoo’s lab showing angular momentum transfers in these two targets that (apparently) contradict models assuming classical behavior.


Jessica at her posterUndergraduate student and Physics Club and college Inter-Club Council representative Jessica Duron was invited to speak at the Conference for Undergraduate Women in the Physical Sciences, held at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. Jessica’s talk A new apparatus for studies of low energy electron collisions with nucleotide molecules presented her work with Leigh designing a new electron scattering spectrometer that will enable the first measurements of electron interactions with the DNA bases. Jessica also presented a research poster on her work.


Undergraduate researchers Adrian Avila-Alvarez and Erik Muniz attended the 2015 SACNAS National Conference in Washington, DC.

Erik at his poster

Erik presented a poster entitled Image calibration based on Rayleigh scatter in silicon dioxide, while Adrian presented a poster entitled Characterization of Light Scattering from a LIGO-input test mass. Both of these projects are part of Josh's detector characterization research and international LIGO efforts to observe gravitational waves.

Adrian at his poster