Inside CSUF has highlighted junior physics major Cinthia Padilla's summer internship at Seoul National University to develop methods for analyzing data related to gravitational-wave detection with LIGO.


Cinthia's internship is sponsored by the University of Florida International REU in Gravitational Physics. She has been assigned within a group of LIGO researchers from SNU working to contribute to international efforts to detect gravitational waves.

In May, Cinthia traveled to Paris to attend a workshop to overview the program and for an opportunity to become acquainted with the program's other projects and interns, who will be scattered across the globe this summer. In August, she will return to Paris for a final program workshop to present her summer research.

At home this past spring, Cinthia continued her course work along with her LIGO research with student colleagues Jackie Lee and Chris Griffo in Professor Smith's lab. Cinthia presented a poster on her research at the 2011 APS April Meeting in Anaheim.

This summer Cinthia was admitted to the prestigious McNair Scholars program, see this article from Inside CSUF.

Cinthia's CSUF studies will continue to be supported by the National Science Foundation (award 0970147) and also by the Lois Stokes Alliance For Minority Participation (LSAMP).cinthia_2