Masters student Brent Yates presented his recent research with Morty Khakoo on electron-initiated reactions March 22 at the 2nd annual CSUF Graduate Forum.

Brent's work has also just been published (April 2011) in Physical Review A


Brent and Morty have measured and analyzed cross sections for electron impact ionization of argon and krypton very near the threshold for producing the ionized electron. Their low energy experiments are state of the art and a follow-on to their previous measurements with neon and xenon targets they published in 2009 in the Journal of Physics B

Brent has been working in Morty's group for the past few years, starting when he was an undergraduate physics major, and traveled last summer to Brazil to work in Cristina Lopes laboratory there studying biomolecules as part of Morty's international NSF collaboration. Their goal is to create a more scientific approach to the combustion of bio-fuel beyond trial and error. 


Brent is also president of the Physics Club. He is currently waiting to hear back from graduate programs he has applied to. He would like to do a PhD in particle or possibly condensed-matter physics.