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Eiker-Adams Creativity Award

Awarded to physics majors who design with faculty supervision an experiment for use as a lecture demo or in a department teaching laboratory. Funded through the generous endowment of former distinguished professor and department founder Ray Adams in memory of Constance B. Eiker. The amount of the award is $2,000.

More information is available from the Department Office.

Robert Kedzie Award

This award is presented to junior or senior physics majors who have shown recent improvement in their courses. The award is funded through the generous and ongoing gifts of the family of the late Dr. Robert W. Kedzie, a retired physicist who became a dedicated volunteer and popular tutor in the department. The nominal amount of the prize is $1,000.

All undergraduate physics courses including those taken at other institutions will be considered in determining the degree of improvement. No formal application is required.

Outstanding Masters-Candidate Award

The department also generally recognizes one or more graduating masters-degree students for outstanding scholarship in their physics coursework and for outstanding service as teaching assistants. 

All graduating MS candidates are considered for the award. No formal application is needed.

Outstanding Scholarship Award

Awarded to recognize graduating physics majors for outstanding scholarship in their physics coursework. All physics graduation candidates are considered for the award. No formal application is needed.

Outstanding Service Award

Awarded to recognize physics majors for outstanding service to the department. All upper-division majors are considered for the award. No formal application is needed.

Wolfram Award

Based on nominations and input from faculty across the college, the dean's office selects a graduating senior from the college who has demonstrated exceptional programming skills and using Mathematica. The award is made through a generous annual donation from Wolfram Research and is a lifetime copy of Mathematica.

No formal application is needed.

Faculty Achievement Award

The Physics Faculty Achievement Award is a prize established through a generous donation from Jim Woodward, professor emeritus in History and longtime friend of the department. Jim has been a part-time physicist for years and continues to work in his lab in the department, consulting with colleagues and students and publishing papers on his research with gravity and relativity. This award in the amount of $2,000 is to spotlight individual faculty for a notable recent publication.