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Our Dan Black Phys-Bus Program offers a BS degree in physics with an emphasis option in business that substitutes certain physics requirements with accounting, marketing, and entrepreneurial courses in the business school. The program is administered in close collaboration with the Center for Entrepreneurship in Mihaylo College.

This program is funded with the ongoing, generous support of department alumnus Dan Black and is aimed at providing undergraduate physics majors with the training and experience needed to succeed in small businesses with entrepreneurial and technology-based orientations. Paid summer internships and annual scholarships are key components of the program.

In addition to our standard Core Courses in physics, with the exception of Phys 227L, Phys-Bus students take

  • Accounting 201 (3 units), Introductory Financial Accounting, in place of second-semester chemistry, Chem 125,

and replace 15 units of upper-division physics electives withLoverude_edited_2

  • Finance 320 (3 units), Business Finance,
  • Management 340 (3 units), Organizational Behavior,
  • Marketing 351 (3 units), Principles of Marketing,
  • Management 465A (3 units), New Venture Creation and Funding, 

and either

  • Management 465B (3 units), New Venture Launch, or Management 461 (3 units), Entrepreneurial Management.

Students are also advised to take Economics 201 (3 units), Principles of Microeconomics, to satisfy a general education requirement, and BuAd 301 (3 units), Advanced Business Communication, to satisfy our upper-division writing requirement.

For further information, please contact Ionel TifreaChair.