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Shovit Bhari completed his Masters Degree in Physics demonstrationPhysics from our department and taught lower divisionphysics labs and classes for three semester. In the mid August 2011 he joined the department as Staff Physicist Tech to design, develop, refurbish, build and curate lecture demonstrations. Lecture Demonstration can be requested using our Demo Request Form

Shovit welcomes an oppurtunity for community outreach and collaboration with sutudents for video analysis of the high speed videos captured by our new Casio EX-F1. Our new YouTube Channel CSUFPhysics includes some of the recent videos by Shovit.  


Physics demos


Date Outreach
Nov 4, 2011 Steve Luther Elementary School
Nov 5, 2011 'Cool Class' for middle school kids 
March 23, 2012 Kids to College Workshop
April 27, 2012 Kids to College Workshop
June 5, 2012 Transit of Venus
Jan 30, 2013 Star Party at Raymond Elementary School
March 1, 2013 Kids to College Workshop
March 22, 2013 Women in STEM
May 31, 2013 Kids to College Workshop
Feb 13, 2014 Star Party at Raymond Elementary School
Feb 17, 2015 Build a better puck
Sep 27, 2015 Supermoon lunar eclipse 
Feb 23, 2016 Light a lamp
Mar 11, 2016 TACIB Field Trip



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