TEXT: Fundamentals of Physics 3rd Edition by Halliday & Resnick, Wiley.

The following books might be useful and can be found in the library;

Physics for scientists and engineers, by Serway

Physics, by Wolfson and Pasachoff

The Feynman lectures on Physics vol II, by Richard Feynman


There will be 2 midterms worth 20% each and an all-encompassing final worth 30% of the final grade. Problems will be given to you in xerox form. These account for the remaining 30% of the course. Solutions will be displayed on the 6th floor and available for copy in the dept office. No late problems will be accepted. Fact sheets issued by the instructor are used in the exams. Not all the needed formulae will be on them. Copies of the fact sheets will be available for copy from the dept office prior to the exams, you cannot bring your own copy to the exams. The lab which is CO-REQUISITE with this course focuses on electromagnetic components and circuits, so chapters 29 and 36 will not be as emphasized as the other chapters. The course covers chapters 23-37 in the text.

No makeups for the final (only for EXTREME EMERGENCY). Show up for exams even if you are late, every effort will be made to give you the full time, but I will not guarantee that. The lowest problem sheet score will be dropped. No show for an exam without prior notification will be graded as a zero.


1. Electric charge

2. Electric field

3. Gauss's Law

4. Electric Potential

5. Capacitance

6. Current and Resistance

7. Electromotive Force and Circuits

8. Magnetic field

9. Ampere's Law

10. Electromagnetic Induction (Faraday's Law)

11. Inductance

12. Magnetism and Matter

13. Electromagnetic Oscillations

14. AC circuits

15. Maxwell's equations