TEXT: "Introduction to Electrodynamics", 2nd Edition, by David Griffiths, Prentice Hall.

The following books might be useful and can be found in the library;

"Optics" by Hecht and a book of the same name by Born & Wolf.
"Electromagnetism", by John C. Slater and Nathaniel H. Frank, Dover.
"Classical Electricity and Magnetism", 2nd edition by Panofsky and Phillips,
"Classical Electrodynamics", 2nd edition by Jackson, Wiley.
"Feynmans Lectures on Physics vol II ", Feynman et al.
"Introduction to special relativity", by R. Resnick.


There will be 1 midterm worth 30% and problems sheets handed out in xerox form worth 30% of the final grade. The final is worth 40%. Fact sheets issued by the instructor are used in the exams. They consist of the front and back cover of Panofsky and Phillips. Copies of the fact sheets will be available for copy from the dept office prior to the exams, you cannot bring your own copy to the exams.


1. Quick review of vectors [ch 1]

2. Maxwells equations

3. Vacuum electro and magnetostatics

4. Poissons equation and solution

5. Vacuum electrodynamics

6. Radiative solutions

7. Dielectric and magnetic media

8. Reflection and transmission at a plane boundary

9. Maxwell's equations in tensor form [ch 10, handout ?]

10. Quantization of the radiation field [handout/time ?]


Notes will be available to supplement the course. The aim of the course is to get across the idea of a field, introduce Maxwell's equations and derive the consequences of these equations, which is the major part of this course. Then to explain the relevance to special relativity and show Maxwell's equations in tensor form. Finally, time permitting, we will quantize the radiation field. The student will be left in a position to start quantum optics or a study of quantum field theory. The book is there to help you. The instructor reserves the right to go through the material in an order not necessarily in agreement with the text.