TEXT: " Optics", 2nd edition by E. Hecht (Addison Wesley)

Additional reading, "The quantum theory of Light", by R. Loudon Oxford press.

"Optical electronics" by A. Yariv, Holt-Saunders. (or Quantum electronics, same author, Wiley). "Modern Optics" by R. Guenther, Wiley.

You may also find the Schaum outline books useful for optics and fourier analysis. You can ask at any time for further references. This is a senior course so I am always open to suggestions on the kind of material you want to cover towards the end of the course, time permitting. My speciality is quantum optics.


There will be one midterm and a final exam, the midterm is worth 30% and the final worth 40%. Problems will be assigned on a regular basis and will be taken from the book and hand out problems. Each assignment will be given to you in xerox form. Problems are worth 30%.


1. Wave motion, phase complex representation, plane and spherical waves.

2. Maxwell's equations, energy momentum. Dispersion. [Ch. 2]

3. Analytical ray tracing, ABCD matrix [Ch. 6]

4. Superposition of waves, same freq. and different freq. Group velocity Fourier series and transforms. [Ch. 7]

5. Fourier theory continued [Ch. 11]

6. Polarization, birefringence, retarders and optical modulators [Ch. 8]

7. Interference, multiple beams, interferometer and thin films [Ch. 9]

8. Fabry-Perot cavity, ABCD matrix treatment, bistability, interferometer and the laser.. (not in book hand outs) G-wave detector LIGO time permitting/optional. Intro. to squeezed states optional.

9. Diffraction, Fraunhofer, coherent linear arrays, phased array (radar), single slit diffraction, resolution and Raleighs criterion [Ch. 10]

10. Fourier Optics, linear/shift invariant systems, impulse response function (IRF), point spread function (PSF), convolution, appodization [Ch. 11]. Adaptive optics (not in book) time permitting.