Course: PHYS 416 Statistics and Thermodynamics

INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Heidi Fearn


Notes will be handed out in class. I will recommend Fundamentals of statistical and thermal physics by F. Reif. I would also recommend the texts by Kittel and Kroemer Thermal physics by Kerson Huang Statistical Mechanics and by L. D. Landau Statistical Physics . You may also find Heat and Thermodynaimcs , by M. W. Zemansky and R. H. Dittman, useful and I would recommend you use the library for other books, Whatever you used for lower division/undergraduate thermal physics (for grad's taking the course read your old stuff). I will give out derivations for the statistics part of the course. We should have time to cover some low temp work and also for those interested we could cover some material for those physicists wanting a career in the nuclear power instustry.

Simple books, ..err not sure yet.. this is my 1st time teaching this folks.


There will be one midterm and a final exam, the midterm is worth 45% and the final worth 55%.

Problems will be assigned on a regular basis and will be taken from the book and hand out problems. Each assignment will be given to you in xerox form. I will NOT grade these problems and I DO NOT expect them to be handed in. Students may be expected to present their calculations on the board in front of the class, so I recommend you try the problems in advance!! Many job interviews require you to give a presentation or answer questions on a board in front of several individuals.. consider this practice.


Special lectures on research topics and papers will be introduced.

Review of undergraduate thermodynamics work
Ideal gas
Ideal gas Laws of thermodynamics, Maxwell relations, entropy, specific heat
Derivations of BE, FD and MB distributions from first principles
Superconductivity and Bose Einstein condensation
Fluctuation theory
How to pass the entrance exam for working in a nuclear power plant!