COURSE: PHYS 476 - Advanced Quantum Theory


TEXT: "Elementary Atmoic Structure", by G. K. Woodgate Oxford U. P., "Atmomic and Laser Physics", by A. Corney Clarendon Press. "Physics of atoms and molecules" by Bransden & Joachain, Addison/Wesley. "The theory of atomic structure and spectra" by R. D. Cowan, University of California Press, Berkeley.

Handouts will be used through out the course for topics not in the book. The following books might be useful and can be found in the library;
"The quantum theory of light", 2nd Edition, by Rodney Loudon, Oxford U.P.
"Quantum mechanics" by Merzbacher
"Angular Momentum" by Zare

"Lectures on quantum mechanics" by Baym


There will be 1 midterm worth 45% and a final worth 55%. Problems sheets handed out in xerox form, these are not graded, answer will be given out.


Notes will be available to supplement the course. The aim of the course is to get across the fundamentals of quantum mechanics. I hope students will leave the course with an idea of how to solve simple atomic problems and have a good idea about the sorts of problems people are at present working on. There will be research "talks" with notes handed out.


The course emphasizes theoretical atomic theory and some approximation methods in QM. I will stress the interaction of photons with atoms. The topics covered include;

1. a and a^dag notation and the Harmonoic oscillator (2nd quantization)

2. Beamsplitter problems

3. quantum eraser experiments

4. angular momentum

5. hydrogren atom, fine structure and Zeeman splitting

6. Spin

7. many electron atoms, spectroscopic notation, terms and sublevels
8. Zeeman effect in hyperfine structures
9. LS coupling
10. Clebsch Gordan coefficients
11. Approx method in QM, time dependent perturbation theory etc
12. Atomic lineshape in QM (using pert. theory)
13. Intro to laser physics (time permitting)