Course: PHYS 530A Graduate Electrodynamics I

INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Heidi Fearn


Notes will be handed out in class. I am recommending the standard graduate text by J. D. Jackson Classical Electrodynamics 2nd edition. You may also find Electromagnetism, by Slater and Frank, Dover book, useful and I would recommend you use the library for other books, Stratton, Jeans, Maxwell etc.

Simple books, Griffiths Introduction to Electrodynamcis, 2nd edition, Heald and Marion, Classical Electromagnetioc theory and Feynmans Lectures on Physics vol II.


There will be one midterm and a final exam, the midterm is worth 30% and the final worth 50%. I will also give an oral exam of 1 hour duration which will be worth 20% of the total grade. This oral will be held in finals week. This will give you the opportunity to show me what you have learned without having to sit through an exam. This will be a one--on--one oral, no other students/professors present. You will give me a presenatation (in my office) of ANYTHING you liked in the course. You will be expected to write on the board without the aid of notes etc and answer simple questions. I will ask what topic you will cover in this oral on the last day of class.. you will be reminded ofthis near the end of the course.

Problems will be assigned on a regular basis and will be taken from the book and hand out problems. Each assignment will be given to you in xerox form. I will NOT grade these problems and I DO NOT expect them to be handed in. Instead I will put aside a lecture every 2 weeks to go over problems in class. I will pick on students at random to present their calculations on the board in front of the class, so I recommend you try the problems in advance!!


The first 2 or 3 lectures will be a review of the work you completed as an undergraduate. This will tell me where abouts you are and indictae how quickly we can progress. I would like to skip most of the statics, since this is simple stuff you have done before and go to the more advanced chapters. I do wish to cover all the special functions however.. a working knowledge of these, being able to recognise them when you see them is important. We shall also use the computer room when available and I will also see about use of the workstations aswell for later use. I want to cover as much of Jackson as possible... so for the course content.. read the contents list of Jackson (first half)! I also will from time to time give special seminars on research work in this field.