Course: PHYS 555B Graduate Quantum Mechanics II

INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Heidi Fearn


Notes will be handed out in class. Quantum Mechanics 3rd ed by Eugen Merzbacher You may also find Quantum Mechanics, L. I. Schiff, and Griffiths useful and I would recommend you use the library for other books by, Bjorken and Drell on relativistic quantum mechanics and field theory, books by Bjorken and Drell again and Peskin and Schroder and B. Hatfield. etc.


There will be one midterm and a final exam, the midterm is worth 45% and the final worth 55%. Problems will be handed out in xerox form with answers, I will not grade these, but you should do them to become familiar with the methods used and practice for the exams.


The course will follow from PHYS 555A. A quick review of topics covered there and spin, followed by approximation methods, applications and then a brief introduction to relativistic quantum mechanics and field theory, time permitting. What we cover will depend largely on the ability and enthusiasm of the class!

Review of QM (& exampls)

Simple harmonic oscillator, ladder operators

quantum theory of light

absorption and stimulated emission, radiation, transition rates

angular momentum in QM and spin, many examples

Hydrogen like atoms, Zeeman splitting (electrons in magnetic fields)

Relativistic corrections to H-atom

Approx Methods

Time--independent perturbation theory

variational methods

time--dependent perturbation theory

Relativistic QM including Klein Gordon eqn and Dirac eqn

Intro to field theory (Unruh Davies effect simplified, phi4 theory)