Course: PHYS 597 Project Work for MS degree

INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Heidi Fearn

Spring 2004 is the first semester that the project Phys 597 has been approved. The proceedure for requesting a project is to come talk to me, tell me your interests and I will try to come up with a project as close to your interest area as I can, so long as it is in a field that I can work in. The main difference between a project and a thesis is that for the thesis you MUST complete at least 3 units of PHYS 599 independent study. Also, it is required that you write a thesis and follow the university guidelines for formatting etc., pay for a bound copy for the library, a microfiche copy is also required. You must have a thesis committee of 3 or more faculty to judge the quality of the thesis. The project requires only one faculty member if the work results in a published work. If the work is not written up for publication then a second faculty member is involved, to judge the quality of the work and it's worthiness to be accepted as partial fulfilment for the MS degree. There is no expense in having the material bound and there is more freedom in the formatting. I have been the advisor for the following theses:

Casimir calculations

Frequency stabilization of the HeNe laser

classical relativistic radiation reaction and the [x,p] commutation relation

Dispersion relations and the velocity of light signals, can signals ever travel faster than c ?

Quantum and QED radiation reaction

Relativisitic Kapiza Dirac effect