Masters thesis (or paper) by student name.

I currently have one graduate students enrolled in PHYS 598. Another is due to enroll spring 04. The proceedure for requesting a thesis project is to come talk to me, tell me your interests and I will try to come up with a project as close to your interest area as I can, so long as it is in a field that I can work in! You must also find 2 other people to act on your thesis committee, and ask their permission. I will make suggestions as to whom would be a likely committee member.

I have been the advisor for the following thesess:

Serguei Bystrov tar.gz, winzip will work
QED version of radiation reation. Serguei Bystrov (Jan 04) "Radiation Reaction".

Robert Gibb (pdf)
Bob Gibb 2003; (Scientist, Kaiser Electro-optics Inc.) "Faster-than-light signals and relativistic causality".

Gloria Putnam word docs winzip
Gloria Putnam 2003; (Kodak scientist) "Noise study of an Indium Tin Oxide-Gate CCD output amplifier MOSFET." EXPERIMENTAL

Bryan Benson tar.gz, winzip will work
Bryan Benson 2002-03: (Boeing scientist) "The classical self-force of the electron and the fundamental commutation relation."

Anne Arroyo word docs winzip (incomplete version sorry)
Anne Arroyo 2001: (Northrop Grumman scientist) "Frequency Stabilization of a HeNe Laser". EXPERIMENTAL

Mason Rourman (pdf)
Rourman 2000: (Northrop Grumman scientist) "Casimir effect calculations in QED".

Project (or paper) by student name.

Paul Carr (scanned/word)
Carr, June 2004: "An analysis of the Kapitza-Dirac effect including spin".

Danny Hedberg (pdf) (under Joint supervision)
Hedberg, Jan 2005: "Calculating scalar mode properties of optical fibers using a discrete Fourier Bessel series method".

Tom Pongetti (word)
Pongetti, June 2005: "N0_2 column retrieval over Table Mountain Facility, CA using the Fourier Transform ultrviolet spectrometer."

Kevin Yates (word)
Yates, Aug 2005: "Mixing and Oscillation Phenomena of Fundamental Particles".

Graciela Flores (word)
Flores, June 2007: "Gyro-ring physics".

Curtis Horn (pdf)
Horn, completed project June 2007: "On the flight of an American Football". Paper is under review at AJP June 2007. Curtis Horn will gradute Jan or June 2008.

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