Course: PHYS 598 Thesis Work for MS degree

INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Heidi Fearn

I currently have 1 graduate students enrolled in PHYS 598. The proceedure for requesting a thesis project is to come talk to me, tell me your interests and I will try to come up with a project as close to your interest area as I can, so long as it is in a field that I can work in! I have been the advisor for the following thesis projects:

Casimir calculations

Frequency stabilization of the HeNe laser

classical relativistic radiation reaction and the [x,p] commutation relation

Dispersion relations and the velocity of light signals, can signals ever travel faster than c ?

Quantum and QED radiation reaction

Relativisitic Kapiza Dirac effect

You must also find 2 other people to act on your thesis committee, and ask their permission. I will make suggestions as to whom would be a likely committee member.