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My research interests are in the field of condensed matter theory. In recent years I have focussed my work to electronic transport in quantum dot systems and nuclear spin dynamics in low dimensional systems. I have also been involved in projects related to superconductivity, diagrammatic solutions for Bose systems, quantum phase transitions, and collective excitations in spin polarized low dimensional systems. In general I am interested in analytical approximations, although my work involves also numerical calculations.

My recent work was supported by Research Corporation and several internal grants from CSUF.

I am always looking to involve undergraduate and graduate students in my research. If you would like to learn more about condensed matter physics , please contact me or stop by my office. 

Former Group Members

Gary Uppal, CSUF MS Physics 2014, now PhD student at Notre Dame University

Stephen McMillan, CSUF MS Physics 2014, now PhD student at University of Iowa

Alessandro Monteros, CSUF MS Physics 2014, now PhD student at UC Merced

Ryan Hill, CSUF MS Physics 2013, now at National Technical Systems

Daniel Henriksen, CSUF MS Physics 2012

Kyle Shigekuni, CSUF MS Physics 2012

Tom Kim, CSUF MS Physics 2009, now PhD student at UC Merced

Colin Campbell, CSUF MS Physics 2009, now PhD student at Australian National University

Kevin Brown, CSUF MS  Physics 2008, now at OpenApps

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20th International Conference on Magnetism, July 5 -10, 2015, Barcelona, Spain

SpinTech VIII, August 10 - 13, 2015, Basel, Switzerland

Group Members

Ionel Tifrea, PI, faculty

Graduate Students

Alex Gauf

Steven Rodriguez

Undergraduate Students

Kristen Rigsby