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Energy Setup and Information

Setup Time Estimates

Setup Time Estimates
Initials of Tech Doing Setup Time Taken Notes


Student Stations

  • 1 track
  • 2 Stop Brackets
  • 1 Blue/red Cart
  • Signal blocker attached to cart on spring pillar side.
  • 1 Cart Striker (Short metal rod)
  • 1 Mass Support
  • 1 ruler
  • 1 set of large masses (2x100g, 1x200g, 1x500g)
    • (Lab Needs to measure 200g, 400g, 600g, 800g)
  • One Motion Sensor
    • Placed behind black stop bracket closest to PC.

Instructor Stations

  • Box of Sand Bags
  • Step ladder

Image update needed

Missing new cart, signal blocker, motion sensor, mass set.lab equipment used

Setup Instructions

Student Stations

  1. Verify that all materials are present before proceeding to setup lab.
  2. Place tracks at the station matching their labelled numbers with ruler facing toward students.
  3. Tracks no longer need to be against flat surface but make sure stop bracket is firmly attached to each side.

Instructor Station

  1. Connect the lab pro to the smart board and set out 2 sand bags.
  2. Place step ladder below motion sensor.
  3. Calibrate smartboard PC motion sensor to proper distance.

Teardown Notes

  • None


In Progress / Beta